Monday, July 30, 2012

The ConstantlyAlice Manifesto Revisted

Today, it struck me that it has been some time since I've done a Pin up Plan post.  I sort of left it off somewhere in the middle of the "Art of Seduction" series and haven't been able to motivate myself to finish the series.

This led me to think about the ConstantlyAlice Manifesto I wrote in January and all the plans I had for this year.  I decided to take another peek at it and track what I had accomplished thus far, and then tweak or revise the things that weren't working for me.

1.  30 Day Make Over challenge - I haven't started this just yet..I think because the fall is my favorite time of year, perhaps Sept. or Oct. will be a good month to tackle this project.

2.  Vision Boards and The Signature Style Project - The vision boards are ongoing!  You can check them out here on Pinterest. (The trick, however, is to DO something with them..more on that in future posts..I think I need to do something with them here for accountability ;)  The Signature Style Project is all wrapped up.  You can check out the series, if you haven't already, here.

3.  Home Ec Posts - These have slowed down a little..the most recent one being a paper necklace tutorial done over on the French Press Vintage blog.  I'm trying out a few new projects and plan to start adding a few more of these posts.

4.  Modeling/Pin up Plan - I have added an outfit post series and gotten in front of the camera a LOT more..however, I have revised my intentions for this particular goal.  Modelling for the shop itself seems a bit more than I can handle (especially since I'll require a photographer!)  I also prefer to be the "creative force" behind the camera.  SOO, I will continue to be the "head model" for the hats, etc., but the clothing will either be modeled on "Esmerelda" my dress form, OR, on my oldest daughter and her friends (depending on the outfit and the size.)  We'll see how that works out ;)  In regards to the Pin up Plan..I don't think my heart is in it right now.  I have so many other things to focus on (including my goals for the "Slim Down, Pin Up", project), that I don't feel I have the time to dedicate to really fleshing out this's going on hold for a bit and I may revisit it later.

5.  Disney! - I went, I saw, I conquered ;-)  Here are some of the photos from our trip (and a lovely video of the "Bug Butts" song and dance).  I did not, however, manage to get around to making my wardrobe...I think this goal may shift to the fall.  I would like to make up a few new items for the cooler weather..more to come on this.

6.  Go Ask Alice - Finally, the "Go Ask Alice" feature, where I post responses to questions regarding, vintage, styling, sewing, and misc. "ConstantlyAlice" related features.  I'm working on the logistics of this and hope to launch it before the winter ;-)

Phew!  Not too shabby, considering that we still have another 5 months in the year!

Is there anything special YOU would like to see here on the blog?  Let me know by leaving your suggestions in the comments!

Hugs and Smooches,

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