Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Roadtrip! - Part 2

Sooo, if you didn't get around to reading the first part of the roadtrip saga..it's here.

Continuing with Disney (and please forgive me..I remember the names of most of the rides, but not what parks they were in!)  The Tower of Terror.  I SO loved this ride.  It was based on the Twilight Zone (one of my faaavorite tv shows) and the inside of the ride itself was set up like a beautiful hotel from the early 1900's.  (Of course, I noticed the vintage purses and gloves used for decorations..the menfolk seemed to find that amusing..)  There was a whole story about it (in twilight zone-film style), how a bunch of people got on an elevator and it was struck by lightening and now their ghosts inhabit it.  It was terrifying and totally believable.
Sort of difficult to get pictures of the rides themselves, but this is the ride entrance..
My wee one, who is 7, was a trooper on this ride.  After, she decided she was SO tough, it warranted getting a tattoo of "Scar" from the Lion King. 

Very "Rosie the Riveter" ;-)
We also went on a totally amazing Star Wars ride.  (Full Disclosure, I am a Sci-Fi Geek.  I LOVED this ride.)  One of the best things about the parks was that you never felt like you were waiting in line for too long.  There was always something fun to look at, or even games to play, while you waited.
The characters behind this "door" kept changing as if they were walking around on the ship.
Speeder Bikes!
In keeping with the theme of "scary rides" we also went into the Haunted Mansion.  It was based on the Disney Movie of the same name, and it was SO much fun!  It was more entertaining than frightening, and at the end of the ride there was a big mirror that reflected my husband and myself with our heads reversed by a mischievous ghost :)
Scary Ghost faces
Nonchalant "Tweens" hanging out by a tombstone
I loved this guys face :)
All these things were interactive!  You could "play" this organ by touching it while you were waiting in line for the ride.

In Epcot Center, I got to eat in "France", tartines and cream puffs..mmmmmm...
Our last day at Disney, we took the ferry over to Magic Kingdom.  It was definitely magical.  (My husband mentioned that the cheerful music they pipe through the park makes it impossible to be grouchy!)  We got to see the iconic Disney Castle and the statue of Mickey and Walt.
The infamous "Man" and my wee one on the ferry ride
Posing with Mickey and Walt
One the way back from magic kingdom, a little boy about 4 years old stared at me the whole ride..The Man speculates he thought I was Snow White trying to make a run for it ;)
My best Snow White impression ;)
Phew!  That's a lot to cram into one post!  Finale post coming up later with pictures from our little stop in DC on the ride home..I leave you with this short video of the road trip song/dance my wee one made up, inspired by the bugs smooshed on our windshield..

                                                      Hugs and Smooches, D


  1. Such beautiful children....I hear they look like their grandfather.

    1. Bah-ha-ha! Nice, Dad..as if you could make that comment and remain "anonymous" :)


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