Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Signature Style Project - The Closet Clean Out

Now that we've covered the portion of the Signature style project that addresses discovering your signature style, I'd like to move on to how to implement it.  (If you missed the previous posts you can find them here, here, here, here and here).

First let's discuss your closet...ready?


How many of you have clothing in your closet that you never wear?  (No need for a show of hands..I have a pretty good idea ;)  We all have that shirt we love, but can't seem to find anything to go with it, or those "skinny" or "fat" clothes we keep, just in case.  Today, I'd like to talk about cleaning house.  Those garments are weighing you down!  You don't need them!

Begin by grabbing a notebook, a pen and a box of large trash bags.  Grab 3 pieces of paper and some safety pins.  Write one word on each sheet.  "Donate", "Trash", and "Storage".  Pin each sheet to a trash bag.

Now empty out your closet, your drawers, anywhere you keep clothing, shoes and accessories!  Put your hands on each item, and be sure to ask yourself the following questions:
  • Does it fit my signature style requirements (is it the right color, texture, shape?  Does it evoke the feeling you are looking for with your signature style?)
  • Is it in good shape, or can it be repaired? (if it can be repaired, but you know you won't do it, put it in the donate pile!)
  • Does it fit me properly?
  • Is it an item I won't wear anymore, but would like to store for future generations?
Be VERY honest with yourself.  It doesn't matter how much those jeans cost, if they don't fit you, they aren't worth it!

Sort your items this way:
  • "Trash" Bag - Anything beyond repair
  • "Donate" Bag - Anything that is in good shape or can be repaired, but doesn't fit (you or your signature styel!)  You can also do some research on local consignment shops if you prefer to sell your items and make a little extra cash to buy new items that fit your style.
  • "Storage" Bag - Anything you would like to keep for future generations.  Be sure to NOT actually store the items in this trash bag.  If you want to keep them nice, invest in a vaccum sealed storage bag to keep them clean and mildew free!

Now take that notebook and pen that I mentioned earlier and jot down notes on what you have left.  Do you need to fill in key pieces?  Are you without a pencil skirt?  Do you need more tops?  Now is the time to make a note of it so you have a reference next time you're out shopping!

Also, be sure to put the items you are keeping back neatly (I like to organize mine by dresses, skirts, jackets, tops in my closet to make them easier to find.)  It will make it SO much easier to put an outfit together!

Hope this was helpful!  Next up...Accessorizing your signature style!

Hugs and Smooches,


  1. Love it, D :)

    One other pile I make when I do this: a maybe pile. If it's something I haven't worn in the last year, but I think I still can't live without it, it gets moved to the front of my closet so I have no excuse not to work it in, and then I feel ever so much about getting rid of it (or not) when it's closet purge time again.


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