Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Style It - The Red Dress

This dress is hands down my favorite in the shop right now.  (In fact, if it wasn't so tiny, I'd keep it!)  The color is such a beautiful shade of red, and the shape is just amazing!

Here are two style options, one work and one weekend.

The Red Dress - Take it to Work

Talk about a power suit!  Nothing screams "in charge" quite like a red dress ;)

$368 -

Gucci high heel pumps
$895 -

Stone jewelry
$37 -

The Red Dress - Weekend Kitten

Miss Selfridge mink coat
£65 -

Charlotte Olympia ankle strap wedge
$895 -

Jerome Dreyfuss calf hair handbag
$880 -

ASOS wide sunglasses
$17 -

I couldn't resist going kitten-ish for the weekend theme (literally!)  Of course, my hair inspiration has to be my favorite indie darling, Zooey Deschanel.  And how fun are those shoes??

How would you style the red dress?

Hugs and Smooches,


  1. Love the 2nd look! The leapord print goes perfect with the look and Zooey is darling! The cat eye glasses are great too! I'd probably do a mary jane or oxford shoe with my look and add a belt in a gold or mustard yellow perhaps?Oh and the red lipstick in the first look is a must!


  2. I love the second look the best too ;-)

    I swear, I thought Zooey was you!

  3. My sister-from-another-mother ;) Probably why I like her so much..some repressed narcisisstic tendency to be drawn to people who resemble me, lol.

    Bre, I actually had a mustard belt with the first outfit originally ;) Great color combo!

  4. I *want* that Miss Selfridge coat. I am such an outerwear who...... ah, courtesan :D Lovely job with all of it, Danielle. I adore the shades of brown you went with - perfect for the time of year, and so much more original and quirky than the anticipated black.

  5. I have a coat "habit" too. That's why so few actually make it into the shop ;)


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