Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Beautiful Mind

There are few things in life that move me like the beauty of a perfect marriage of intellect and imagination.  Einstein is one of my heros, Ben Franklin fascinates me, I am in awe of Marie Curie.

There are few things that inspire me more than a tale of hard work and perserverence leading to success.  People who have challenged the odds, who keep pushing forward regardless of how hopeless things may seem.  People who don't just settle for victory but keep pursuing the next challenge are what life is all about.

So you can imagine my sadness over the loss of Steve Jobs.  His innovation and creativity were legendary.  Whether you are an "Apple" person or not, it's difficult not to admire the man for his brilliance.

If you have not read his Stanford commencement speech, there is a link to it here that says more about the man than I ever could.  It's motivating, inspiring and challenges you to look at life in a new way...what better legacy is there?

Hugs and Smooches,


  1. and thank god for Apple computers and the iPhone :-)

  2. I was sad to hear of his passing as well. It really makes you appreciate each moment you have - we have no idea when our time is, only that it will happen someday.

  3. It's sad that it sometimes takes death to make you appreciate life, but looking at all he accomplished while he was here helps me to remember life is short and anything is possible.

  4. An amazing man. To think how he changed the world -- how his creations changed my life -- it boggles the mind.

    I too quoted that Stanford speech on one of my sites. And sent it to my young niece wondering what career path to take. It's brilliant advice.


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