Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Promoting a Sense of Community

Recently, Brittany over at Eating Bird Food had a great post about rising above negativity.  Initially, I thought her post was about negative blogging (it wasn't, she covered some great tips about how to handle negative comments left on your blog/fb pages/twitter accounts) but it got me to thinking about the blogging community and, by extension, the social network communities.

As a relatively new blogger and etsy seller, I have not yet directly experienced negativity from my readers or customers (and since you're all so wonderful, I don't expect to ;), but as someone who has been buying vintage for a while and follows a number of blogs and shops online, I have come across the occasional unsavory post, tweet or status update either snarking about fellow etsy members, bad mouthing customers or generally unloading about a personal bias.  Each time I've seen this kind of behavior, it has made me sad and a bit uncomfortable.

This is not to say that I believe people should not have different opinions or feel free to express their views, but I prefer to see it done in a constructive manner.  I'd like to see etsy entrepreneurs and bloggers supporting each other (I'm pretty confident we all do what we do because we have a passion for it!)  I'd like to believe we can share our expertise with each other, help mentor a new blogger or shop owner and generally offer each other our support.

Along those lines, I'm going to take this opportunity to promise to keep it positive.  My blog will be negativity free, and if I have an opinion to state, I will do so in a manner which does not judge.  I will appreciate and respect my customers and readers.  I plan to share what I learn with others and be a source of support for my fellow bloggers and etsy entrepreneurs.  (And I hope you will all keep me in line and let me know if you think I've gone off track!)

If you'd like to join me, please copy the badge below and post it on your own blog.  (Feel free to link back to this blog post as well!)


(On a side note, the lovely gals in this photo are my Gram and Great-Aunt with their friends.  How cute are they??)

Hugs and Smooches,

PS - I'd love for you to join me in promoting and mentoring my fellow etsy sellers!  ConstantlyAlice's Etsy group is here TogetherEveryoneAchievesMore


  1. I feel ya, dear. I recently had a "run in", I guess you can say, with a seller that is a part of an "elite" group on Etsy. She insulted something in my shop by saying it "looked more Pier One than vintage"....and I was fuming for DAYS. I wrote back to her in a calm manner (at first) but I was so livid that I couldn't help but by a little snarky. I thought about writing a bitchy blog post revealing how straight up MEAN I perceived the messages from her, ie, the elite group, but I knew that was stooping and a little pathetic that I have so little going on in my life that I'm going to let a stupid comment consume me. And, luckily, I felt like there was another vintage seller that I could turn to for a little boost of encouragement as well as someone to vent to (someone that can actually relate instead of my friends who stare blankly at me as I tried to explain to them, hehe). So, long story short, or something like that, I, too, want to create a sense of community, appreciation, and support. Because I know that's what I need, and surely that's what a lot of other sellers out there need too. I'm with ya! And I'm going to share your post on my FB page :-)

  2. also mentioned in my bloggy.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your experience, hon. I don't think there is ever need for elitism. We've all been new to vintage at some point and I think that sometimes those who have been collecting or selling for a while can sometimes forget that.

    On a positive note, I actually had a recent email from a fellow etsy seller who gave me a heads up about a pair of shoes I was having a little trouble dating (they didn't have a label). She'd had a similar pair in her shop a while back and was able to help me out. That kind of support and helpfulness is what I love to see!

  4. ..and thank you for mentioning me in your post!

  5. Great post. I am pretty new too so I haven't experienced this first hand either. What I do notice is a lot of comments are not personal and heartfelt. I love your mission and would like to take the pledge with you. I will post your lovely family encrusted button on my blog dear. Have a great day! If you ever have I question about blogging, etc. I will try to help! Can't say I know too much but would be happy to share what I do know- just drop me a line at or just say hello anytime!

  6. Thanks, Bre! I'm also going to add a post script to this with a link to a team I've created on Etsy that will enable us to communicate with each other there and promote each other's shops.

  7. it's not that I mind criticism and HELP, you know, it's the way it's handled, I think. I don't like when anyone is a jerk, period. There's no need for it. so I really like that people are bonding and being helpful and supportive to each other! :-)


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