Thursday, September 1, 2011

Style It - The Zip and Go Dress

Let me begin by saying, I love this dress.  The color is great, the peter pan collar is sweet and the ease of wearing a dress that zips down the front goes without saying.

The style of the dress reminded me a lot of Zooey Deschanel, so I've styled the first outfit with a bit of an indie flair.  Perfect for a fall day, the suede jacket helps to make the dress a little less "young" and adds a little edge.  And how fantastic is that feathered butterfly headband?

The second outfit styles the dress to look like separates.  Remove the tie belt on the dress, top it with a v-neck sweater so just the collar is peeking out and add a pretty sky blue belt.  The peacock feathered hair barette would look great pinned to one side with your hair up in a messy twist or beehive.
The Zip and Go Dress - Peacock Colors

Balenciaga cashmere top
$945 -

Miu Miu wedge shoes
$630 -

Margit Brandt hair clip accessory
€9,98 -

John Lewis Women croco belt
£18 -

How would you style the zip and go dress?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. There's just nothing more wonderful than fabulous + easy - I have a few dresses that fall into this category. I love being able to just reach for one of them when I only have a few minutes to decide what I'm going to wear, or when nothing else in my closet suits at that moment, KWIM? Then my only decisions are which accessories - and then I'm done, out the door, feeling good. So I'm totally with you on the Z & G concept!

    The dress here is so cool - and I really like your styling options. Those Miu Miu wedges are calling my name :D

  2. Those fickle Miu Miu wedges! They were calling MY name earlier ;) They really are fantastic. I love a good wedge shoe. Height with a little support so I don't catch my heel and take a dive is always a good thing.

  3. I love Zooey D. You would look great in that dress BTW and so would I, lol! It's a great color and both looks would work well I think. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  4. love it. I think I'd wear flats though. Loooooove the tights.

  5. Flats would be cute as well! (I'm 4'11" and my oldest daughter just cleared 5'3" so I never think of them as an option ;)

  6. Hmm - I am pretty darn terrible when it comes to styling anything. Usually I feel good about what I'm wearing as I'm running out the door - then once at work I catch a glimpse in the bathroom mirror and think "yeah, not what I was going for, oh well". But I love what you have done here - that butterfly headband is quite fantastic!


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