Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Meet the ConstantlyAlice Models!

I have debated (and if I'm being honest am still on the fence about) using live models for my pictures.  You may in fact see a few of myself in the hat or hair accessory shots if I feel that they look better on a full head of hair (as opposed to my gal Lola who goes for a more close cropped look.)

Personally, I feel like I am often distracted from the item being sold by the person wearing it.  Especially if I feel like they don't seem suited to the garment, or if the styling doesn't feel right to me.  I'd be delighted to know your thoughts on the matter..however, for now, these two lovely ladies will be my models.  Since it's likely I'll refer to them by name at some point or another, I thought it best to introduce them..

Esmerelda (aka "the body")


Bust - 33 1/2 (34 with her supportive undergarment that evens out her lopsided left breast..)
Waist - 24
Hips - 36

Likes - Vintage clothes, The Headless Horseman (she thinks he's a hottie..)

Dislikes - Hats, The cat, needles.

Favorite Quote - "The body never lies." ~Martha Graham

Lola (aka "The Face")

Likes - Hats, Einstein

Dislikes - Long walks on the beach...

Favorite Quote - "If you're gonna be two-faced at least make one of them pretty." - Marilyn Monroe

Hugs and Smooches.


  1. Personally, I enjoy seeing live models because they are more likely to have a realistic shape. But a lovely dress form does much justice as well. Good luck deciding what you want to do.

  2. Thanks, Annabelle! With the way my oldest daughter is shooting up, I may be able to use her to model in a year or two ;)

  3. I named my mannequin too! actually my friend did and I wish that I hadn't let her, but we were drinking some beers....anyway I digress. Her name is Florence, or Flo. I wish it was something like Lana...but that's only because I have a girl crush on her right now. ;-)

  4. I like your head better, too. mine is styrofoam, blah.

  5. Aww, I like Flo, that's cute :) (I have a crush on Esmerelda too. My husband is jealous of her.) And Lola is Styrofoam! I painted her. Easiest thing to do. Just spray on a primer, use acrylic paints and then spray on a clear glaze to set it. It's so fun, I may make Lola a friend.


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