Thursday, February 10, 2011

Geek Chic

I recently had a "slip and fall", causing me to sprain my ankle and drawing stark attention to the fact that I do not own a flat pair of shoes.  Not good when one finds oneself trucking around on a pair of crutches.

I'm not sure why, but in my quest for a flat "emergency shoe" I find myself drawn to saddle shoes..Could be residual saddle shoe envy from when I was younger.  My cousin had a spectacular pair that I always secretly coveted.  Or it could be that they just look so darn cute with a spring dress.

Anywho, this is the pair that has caught my eye.  A little more sophisticated than your average saddle shoe (I AM 36, after all.  Don't want to look like mutton dressed as lamb ;)

jessjamesjake - etsy I know they're not strictly a "flat" shoe, but for a gal who's 4'11" and used to 4" heels, that's about as flat as I get!


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