Thursday, December 9, 2010

I hate, hate, hate, despise, loathe entirely..scarves.

Well, sort of.  I stumbled upon the genius idea of making several scarves as gifts this holiday season.  It sounded brilliant at the time.  I could gain some practice with my knitting skills, make use of my vintage button collection (the scarves are short-ish, cross at the neck and button).  Then, just to add a little variety, I also decided to sew some longer fleece ones with ruffles along the bottom for the kid's teachers.

I've discovered a number of things with this little venture:
  • I knit faster in my mind than my fingers can keep up.  Like most things I create, I have a vision already completed in my head and the actual process of "doing" loses it's magic.
  • I grow attached to things I spend this much time with...which is why I don't typically generate things to sell.
  • As I repetitively cut and sew the same scarf in duplicate (although with different fabric), I stare longingly at the other projects that have been tossed to the wayside for the time the fabulous vintage housecoat pattern and soft pink polka dot flannel that has been calling my name.
Now that we're fast approaching "crunch time" I carry knitting in my purse, sew while I eat dinner and curse under my breath as I have to unravel several rows of knitting because I've become distracted by holiday specials on TV. 

I have a number of solutions:
  • Quit working and sew/knit full time.  (The Man loves this suggestion.)
  • Hire elves
  • Embrace my inner Grinch/Scrooge and say "Bah Humbug!" to gift making
  • Purchase gifts and keep the scarves for myself (which may happen in some instances as the holiday approaches and my panicked scarf making increases..good thing I'm an insomniac or I wouldn't have anything done!)
..and just to add insult to injury, I've decided to also fill decorative mason jars with homemade truffles.  Here's hoping I don't wind up hating chocolate as well!

The Grinch -

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