Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Outfit Post - Nerd Girl

..my eyes are itchy..my bangs are toooo long..I got up late..


Whenever I feel a little "bleh" I revert back to my natural, nerdy state ;)  I am really just a bookworm/geek at heart <3

Hugs and Smooches,


  1. To cute! I LOVE wearing my glasses. I wear them like 90% of the time. I like the bow tie.

  2. I have to wear glasses all the time, so I got a pair of vintage inspired frames. I love your look, cute, not nerdy! :-)

  3. Oooohh, I just adore this whole outfit! From the argyle to ultra cute bow tie, it's so inspiringly fun and geek girl awesome.

    ♥ Jessica


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