Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A day in the life of..

I have the best of intentions when it comes to my morning routine.  The evening before, I set my alarm for 5:30am firmly believing I will wake up, do some yoga and meditate, make breakfast for the family and head out to drop the kids off to school and get to work with plenty of time to spare.

*in my imaginaaationnnnn..*

The reality looks like this:

Just 10 more minutes...

Alarm goes off at 5:30 - I shout something like "WHAT THE HELL?!" while sitting straight up in bed.  (I startle easily).  Frantically wave my arm in the direction of the noise till I make contact with the snooze button.

5:40 - *alarm* "WOULD YOU SHUT IT?!  Stupid alarm.."

5:50 - *alarm* "Now you're just looking for a fight" (chucks phone across room).

6:00 - *alarm* (Crawls bleary eyed across the floor in search of the phone..changes alarm to 6:30.  Crawls back to bed.)

6:30 - *alarm* Heave a sigh of resignation, climb out of bed and hobble around on my stiff ankle for a few seconds to loosen it up (<this counts as yoga.  No.  Trust ME.  It does.)

6:45 - Wake up the children who mumble something at me like "Duuuuude..it's earlyyyy", roll over and fall promptly back to sleep.

6:55 - Rush through morning routine, remembering to put my bra on FIRST (sometimes).  Rush past smallest childs room to find her sitting on her bed staring at her pants as if willing them to jump onto her legs.  Gently remind her that she has to stand up to put them on..

What all the fashionable 3rd graders are wearing..

7:15 - Announce to the eldest child that she needs to take the dogs out.  Told it will be "just a minute".

..takes 1 hour to straighten hair..throws on hoodie and converse..

7:20 - Dogs legs are crossed and their eyeballs are starting to float..find eldest child still grooming her hair..

Truman the Wonder Dog

7:25 - Take dogs out, announce to children that oreo cookies are not for breakfast..throw some cereal at them, grab back packs, books, bags, and assorted practice clothes and run for the car.  Cat tries to kill me by slunking under my foot just as I step down off the porch.  Pick up scattered items..remind cat who feeds it.  Head for car.

Winifred..aka "Mrs. Bitey"

7:30 - Back into the house..youngest child forgot shoes.

7:35 - frantically drop children off at school and race in to work.

Some variation of this occurs pretty much every day.  Anyone have any tips or tricks you want to share for a zenful morning??

Hugs and Smooches,


  1. This post is awesome, literally the highlight of my day! My husband snoozes as much as you do. I can't stand it, lol. I get up when my alarm goes off, shower, eat cereal, makeup, get dressed and head out. But, that's all about to change once the little one arrives!!!

    1. Periodically I try to convince myself I'm a morning person..but I really am a night owl ;) It's hard to bounce out of bed when you're up till 3 or 4am :)

  2. This made me laugh so much, especially your yoga routine.

    1. You should see what my work out routine looks like.. ;-)


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