Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pin up Plan - Pin up Yourself

I just discovered this super fun site that allows you to create your own pin ups.  Just like paper dolls for grown ups :)

To say it is addictive would be an understatement.

Here are a few of my designs:

You can try it out for yourself here.  And please feel free to share your own designs on my facebook page here!

Hugs and Smooches,


  1. Cool! I'll have to try these out! Looks like fun!

    1. Don't start it when you have something else to do, lol. It's soooooo addictive!

  2. I've been on dolldivine and love their pinup doll maker. I've made my sister and I tons of little dolls with all of their options.

    1. I think I'll have made a hundred by the end of the day, lol. It's so fun!


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