Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oh the Possibilities..

As a self confessed self help addict, I subscribe to a plethora (< FUN word)  of excellent self improvement sites and blogs.  I simply can't control myself.  I LOVE possibilites.

Dream 1 - Start dancing again ( credit )

Today, I read this excellent post over at The Zen Mama's blog about becoming a "possibilitarian".

Dream 2 - Visit Paris (credit)

It came at a good time.  While I adore possibilities, I frequently lack direction.  I like to cram as many experiences in as possible, which can sometimes lead to burn out and a lot of half finished projects and ideas.  It can also cause me to get a bad case of the "can'ts".

Dream 3 - Build a wardrobe based on my Signature Style Project (Credit)

"I can't do that, I don't have time!"

"I can't do that, I have a family and responsibilities!"

"I can't do that, I have financial obligations!"

Dream 4 - Design a line of ConstantlyAlice Clothing and Accessories

The can'ts are just awful.  Besides being terribly irritating to The Man (he's a problem solver.  When I come at him with a "can't" he counters with a "do what makes you happy, I'll support you".  Kind of takes the wind out of my tantrum sails..) they frighten me into maintaining the status quo.

Status quo (<NOT a fun word).

Dream 5 - Open a physical location for ConstantlyAlice (credit)

I firmly believe the universe wants us to succeed.  That things are put in our paths when we need them to remind us to follow our hearts, dream big, fear less, act more.  The post about possibilitarians was like a road sign reminding me that life is short and I need to live it.  Stay tuned for some new adventures...

Dream 6 - Write a book (credit)

Hugs and Smooches,

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