Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hair Color Giveth, Hair Cut Taketh Away..

Soo, those of you who follow me on Facebook know that I recently changed my hair color to red.

(I did not change my eye color..some weird lighting and the new hair color contribute to the fact that they look green in the second photo ;)

I love the color.  LOVE it.  However, if you look at the ends, they're kind of muddy looking and not as bright as the roots.  Truth is, it was VERY difficult for me to find a stylist willing to make the change from black to red for me.  It took 4 hours with a lot of bleach, a very patient woman (thanks, Karen!) and some fancy hair color mixing to get me to this shade, but the ends had so much black hair color on them she wasn't able to strip it completely.

I lived with this for about a day before I decided to go under the scissors and cut my hair into a bob again to get rid of most of the darker color.  The plan was, the more of the darker color I got rid of, the more vibrant the color would be as it grows back and I keep coloring it.

BIG mistake,

I've had bobs before and generally I like the freedom of shorter hair (though it's not as much fun to style), but my hair was always dark.  Somehow, it looks ENTIRELY different with red hair...and I don't like it.

I am fully aware that I'm being ridiculous about it, but somehow it makes me feel awkward, uncomfortable and mildly apologetic (like I should explain to people that it was a bad cut and I'm growing it out..)  Anywho, it puts a bit of a damper on the Pin up Plan for me.  I wanted Rita Hayworth and instead I'm feeling a bit more Jane Jetson.

 That being said, I know it will grow..at some point I will feel comfortable with it again and, as it turns out, I don't have to institute a deadline on the end of the Pin up Plan because a.) It's my project so I get to decide when it's over ;)  and b.) personal development and growth is a daily challenge, so I have material to write about this project and how it progresses for a good while yet.

How about you?  Have you ever had a bad hair experience that made you feel out of sorts?  What did you do to make yourself feel better?

I leave you with a long distance shot of the new hair cut (I'm not ready for a close up just yet) with the added distraction of cute Grandma (Alice) and my sweet youngest daughter Riley reading her a story.  (So darn adorable you're not even noticing the hair are you?  Maybe I should just travel with them as an entourage for a while..)

Hugs and Smooches,


  1. Sorry, D, I refuse to believe that this haircut is anything less than adorable on you.

    Jane Jetson you are not :D

  2. I'm sure you look lovely! I've had many traumatic hair experiences. I don't trust anyone! I had one experience where they literally cut my hair into a mullet and when i cut it super short, I looked like a boy....sooo I am keeping it long!

    You look beautiful though :)

  3. Aww, thanks, ladies. I'm sure once I've had a chance to play with it a bit, it will seem less tragic ;-)

  4. a. You are adorable.
    b. You are beautiful.
    and c. You are indeed lovely.

    SO there- Fuggetaboutit!

    You look awesome. For my part, I try to have a somewhat Buddhist perspective on hair and practice non-attachment... as in: there it is, there it goes, oh look, there it is... oh look, there it went, it'll be back... oh, my, that's a lot of grey, oh yes better now... always in a state of change.. LOL... : ) XO

    1. Hair zen, I like it ;-) Thanks, sweetie xo

  5. I play it so safe (boring) when it comes to my hair that I haven't had a chance to mess it up. I rarely get my hair cut, and when I do I chop most of it off - bob length. I don't even color my hair. But I envy the people who have the guts to do something dramatic - so good for you with trying something new - even if it didn't go as planned. I'm sure it's not as terrible as you think. You are one of those lucky ladies that can rock the dark hair and red!

  6. I like it. Don't feel weird or uncomfortable - rock it :-) ready for a close up pic!

  7. OMG I LOVE it and you wear it so well. I have tried red before and it just doesn't suit my skin tone but it is so pretty I keep on trying.

    Have you had to adjust lippy colours etc? I found things that suited me with black hair didn't necessarily suit me with red hair.

    1. YES! Getting ready in the morning has certainly been a lot more challenging. It's easy to just throw something on when your hair is a neutral color, but now I have to consider if it's going to clash with my outfit. I've also found that I need a littllle more eye shadow than I usually wear.

  8. I think you new hair colour looks terrific! As a fellow bottle red, I'm all for using the power of chemicals to turn our locks ruby :)

    Wishing you a beautiful day,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you, Jessica :) (and your shade of red is just lovely!)

  9. Oh I totally hear you, hair issues are not to be taken lightly. I've been cutting my own hair for years to save money on haircuts I've had to 'fix' in the past. I think the new colour looks lovely on you, and as far as the second picture goes, it suits your colouring beautifully. You can retro it up with a headband perfectly. That last photo is beautiful. I am a new follower now :) x

    1. Aww, thanks so much. Delighted to have you as a follower :)


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