Monday, March 5, 2012

The Pin up Plan

Soooo..if you'll all indulge me and remember wayyyy back to January when I posted the ConstantlyAlice Manifesto, I had listed several things I wanted to accomplish in 2012.  One of them was the Signature Style Project, which just wrapped up last month and was a LOT of fun.  The next thing I'm hoping to tackle incorporates two of the items on the manifesto list.  Number one, a 30 day hair and makeup challenge and Number four, modelling for the blog and my Etsy shop.

Now, I love, love, love anything to do with hair and make-up, so that part is really not much of a challenge for me, but modelling is a horse of a different color.  It requires putting myself out there a little more than I usually do and, as I'm a perfectionist, it will take practice, practice, practice, so I had to come up with a way to really motivate myself.

Enter the Pin up Plan.

I love vintage pin ups.  Gil Elvgren and Alberto Vargas are particular favorites, as are models like Bettie Page, Marilyn Monroe and Betty Grable.  My concept for the blog and the shop photos is to go with a very retro/cheesecake/pin up feel, so it would only make sense to incorporate those ideas into my plan of attack.

The Pin up Plan series will incorporate the following:

  1. Information Gathering - Literature, YouTube videos, and yes, another Pinterest Board (which you can follow here)
  2. Getting into shape, Bombshell style - No secrets among friends, I hate working out.  But if I can put a pin up spin on it (like doing burlesque workout videos and pilates) it will be fun!
  3. Pin up Hair and Make up - This will encompass the 30 day challenge where I will try a new "look" each day for a month!
  4. Pin up Films - A review of movies that have that bombshell feel.
  5. Glamour Photography - (No worries, nothing R-Rated ;)  Here I'm just going for a pin up "feel".  Poses, make up, etc.
  6. Outfit Posts and a new look for the ConstantlyAlice Etsy shop!

I just ordered some books on retro make up and glamour photography.  Can't wait to share!!

Hugs and Smooches,


  1. Sounds very exciting, good luck with your plans and look forward to seeing more!

  2. omg I can't wait. check out cherry dame.... :-)

  3. Good luck to you on this. I did a little modeling when I was a teen, a long time ago :0) It is fun and there is something really sweet about the 40s and 50s pinups.

    1. Thank you! I love the wholesomeness of the 40's and 50's pinup style :) "Sweet" is exactly the word I would use.


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