Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Room of One's Own

I thought today I would give you all a little tour of the space I create in :)

My space began it's life as a dining room, but since we all gravitate towards the kitchen, It was quickly taken over with my crafting supplies.
This lovely old machine is from the 1920's.  The amazing 80yr old woman who previously owned it was still using it up till last year!  It's my back up machine, because it doesn't have the modern bells and whistles, but it runs like a charm!
A small portion of my fabric stash (I have two steamer trunks and several suitcases full so I'm never without when I get inspired!)
The only thing I love almost as much as vintage...books ;)
One of the afore mentioned steamer trunks, more books and my poseable sketch model, Cordelia, who the children like to put in random poses to amuse me ;)
I have two of these pegboards to hold my supplies (and that gorgeous jacket was rescued from a yard sale for $2.  It's authentic to the late 1800's and it's in BEAUTIFUL condition)
Lola <3 (If you look carefully behind her you can see a tortoiseshell hair comb from the victorian era.)
A small selection of my patterns (that sideboard they're sitting on is chock full of them from every decade you can imagine!)
I keep little jars of buttons, notions and feathers readily available for inspiration!
A repurposed plant hanger holds mason jars of buttons, spools of ribbon and my inspiration journal where I jot down ideas.
The sign on the door that goes from my sewing room into the husband's "Man Cave" ;)

Hugs and Smooches,


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