Monday, October 17, 2011

Inspire me..

I generally have about a million ideas vying for attention in my brain at any given time.  (I carry a journal with me at all times for this very reason and I have to admit that I would probably need two lifetimes of uninterrupted creative time to accomplish everything.)

That being said, sometimes I run up against a mental block.  I can't think of the colors that I want to combine when decorating my bedroom, I can't think of a way to use the giant stack of chopsticks I purchased for next to nothing (certain that there was some creative use for them), I have hoards of fabric with no specific intent other than I liked the texture or the pattern.  This is where my creative tools come into play!  Here are a few that I use that I hope you find helpful as well :)

Paint Chips
Paint chips -   I like to snag a few of the big square ones at Home Depot or Lowes in whatever colors grab my attention (if I really love them, I'll also purchase tester bottles of the paint to use for projects.)  I have an index card box full of them and when I need a color inspiration for an outfit, a sewing or knitting project, painting or room decorating I grab a stack of them out of a box and start laying them out like playing cards and making different combinations with the colors until I find ones that appeal to me.  You can also use the Pantone Color Guide online for similar results.

Towns and Trails

Nature - I am VERY fortunate to live in the Northeast.  We have 4 very distinct and beautiful seasons to draw inspiration from.  This time of year, I like to collect leaves, sometimes I fill up a bucket with acorns, then spray paint them gold, silver and bronze, fill a mason jar with them and stick a candle in the center to create a fall centerpiece.  In the winter I draw inspiration from the silhouette of bare tree branches against the sky, the different shades of white and blue in the snow, the beauty of ice formations.  Spring brings a riot of gorgeous colors and Summer usually finds me at the ocean wondering at the colors and textures at the beach.

 Pinterest and Inspiration Boards - I know I've mentioned it ad nauseum, but oh how I love, love, love pinterest.  I am a very visual person and the ability to combine ideas on a virtual bulletin board is such a valuable tool!  If you're less of a technophile and prefer to put your hands on your ideas (which I also do on occasion) inspiration boards or journals can be very helpful.  I have file folders that hold pictures I've ripped from magazines and newspaper articles or that I've printed from the internet to inspire me.  Sometimes I combine them in a scrapbook with scraps of fabric or small objects that I find interesting.

There are so many different ways to get your creative juices flowing!  (Now motivation..that's another story altogether ;)

How do you inspire yourself?

Hugs and Smooches,

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