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Getting to Know You - Barnshop Antiques

About a month ago, I posted a discussion thread on my etsy team page asking for victims *ahem* participants to answer a few interview questions so that I could feature their shop here on the blog.  Carol of Barnshop Antiques is our first taker!  (Thanks, Carol :)

Carol of Barnshop Antiques on Etsy

Welcome to the ConstantlyAlice blog! Tell us a little something about yourself.

I am a brave soul who does not fear change. I have reinvented myself a few times. I strive for improvement of myself and my surroundings. I recommend staying positive but also sticking up for oneself. I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I am a writer, artist, lover of antiques, old houses, animals, and farming.

What made you decide to start your own shop?

My daughter Amanda, showed me. Seeing was believing. I knew my husband and I were buying more than we could ever use and I was getting tired of the clutter it creates. I didn't feel in harmony with that big commercial site that helps people auction off merchandise. We plan to eventually convert one of our barns into a brick and mortar, or barn board and peg shop. Now it houses many extra vintage items, and cast offs from family and friends who know we have the storage space. My Dad passed away and the treasures in our barn included some of his artwork. This prompted my second etsy shop called WhatDadloved2do which is therapeutically helpful to me.  I love having my etsy shops for now, until our barn is ready to be a physical shop. Once it is, we can have both.

Magic Conversation Starting Spoon

What is your favorite thing about being an Etsy seller?

I love learning new things and meeting awesome people, Etsy makes that possible.

What is your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge is figuring out how to be more organized. I'm still working on it and improving every day.

Recommend 3 of your favorite etsy shops and 3 websites or blogs you can't live without.
  • I have to recommend my daughter's shop, not because she's my daughter but because she amazes me. She is my daughter but she is not my clone. There is often a role reversal and she becomes the teacher and I am the student. We have some things in common, but she has talents I don't possess. I don't envy but I admire her. I can't live without her blog. It actually brightens any kind of day I am having just to read one of her posts.
  • I found this shop when I first started on Etsy and I find myself going back over and over for the laughs and inspiration. I think it is because I am a past positive person.
  • I love the merchandise. I love the write ups. I love the improvements since I first found this shop. I love everything about this shop.
  •  because this woman from Ohio cheers me up with her wit and has similar tastes. I love to read about her tag sale and decorating adventures.
  • because this woman is awesome with a capital A. I find her to be fascinating and amazing. I am a sucker for before and afters. She delivers.

19th Century Atterbury Shaker Set
Where do you see your shop in 5 years?

In five years my shop will be more fantastic than it is now. It will be linked to my physical barn shop and our B&B will be open for wonderful families to enjoy. I am also a children's author so I hope that little venture will have improved as well because I love to welcome fellow artists into my life and my home. Five years from now I hope I am inspiring others to follow their dreams because all of mine have come true.

Vintage Bloomers with Eyelet Ruffle
Well, that was fun!  I hope you all enjoyed getting to know Carol as much as I did.  You can also follow Carol on her blogs, B&B In Progress and Carol A. Bender Children's Author Extraordinaire

If you would like your shop to be featured as a ConstantlyAlice Getting to Know You post, email me at or join our Etsy Team TogetherEveryoneAchievesMore.

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  1. Very nice! Lovely post and guest! I can't wait to check out her Etsy faves! Thanks!!



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