Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's a Vintage Halloween!

Halloween is one of my FAVORITE holidays (costumes and candy??  What's not to love?) and it will be here before you know it!  And what is more perfect for an amazing costume than vintage?  (the answer is nothing, my friends, nothing at all..)

Here are a few suggestions for the perfect vintage Halloween costume:

Why not wear a 60's wiggle dress and wig and go as Marilyn or MadMen's Joan Holloway?

How about a poofy 50's cupcake dress or 80's prom dress, crown and wings for Glinda the Good Witch?

A tutu, bob wig and some great 1920's make up and you could be Louise Brooks

Everybody loves Lucy!  A cute 50's shirt dress, a red wig and her signature red lipstick (you could even add a frilly little apron ;)

The possibilities are endless!  What are your costume plans for Halloween this year?  I'd love to hear them (and see them!  Feel free to post a picture on ConstantlyAlice's facebook page ;)

Hugs and Smooches,


  1. D,

    My fave holiday IS Halloween! Love your post and great ideas for costuming in Vintage! Are you dressing up this year? I would love to but not sure that we are doing anything...

    You and I should def. be friends! The more I read and get to know about you, the more I love ya!!

  2. Right back at ya, Bre ;) And yes, I do dress for Halloween! I haven't quite decided on a costume yet, but I'll be sure to post a pic!


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