Sunday, September 11, 2011

Brimfield Antique Market (Aka, Vintage Nirvana)

I spent this past friday and saturday with my Mom, best pal Laura and sister-in-law Deanna at the Brimfield Antique Market in Brimfield Mass.  It was such a wonderful experience!

First of all, I can't imagine a better group of gals to go anywhere with.  We all shop for different things, but they have such a great eye for antiques and such neat ideas that I always feel more creative after spending time with them!  (Not to mention their fantastic sense of humor ;)

I'm afraid I was so caught up in shopping (and the fact that I was knee deep in mud..the market got hit with an impressive rain storm the day before we arrived) that I didn't take quite as many photographs as I had hoped.  The size of the market is so overwhelming that you just get sucked in and forget everything else!

We did meet some lovely vendors, and got some real bargains.  Here are some of the items (not including the dresses because I'm cleaning them) that I took home with me. Some of them will make it into the shop..and some will not ;) Also, a few shots of the fields and some funny quirky items I came across.

I would LOVE one of these in my kitchen full of different kinds of M&M's!
This little chair would be so cute at my desk..and so much more comfortable than the wooden one I have now!

and so would this one!
This GORGEOUS kimono was suspended from the ceiling of one of the tents.
This tent had some really nifty arbors all made out of twigs
Elvis has left the building..or at least part of him has!  (I'm not gonna lie..the longer I stared, the creepier I found this..)
I thought this bottle tree was neat, and something I could try on my own.  (I can't believe I missed those little picnic baskets in the upper left corner!  Ahh!)
So many tents, so little time!
I think this little gnome fellow should be called Bob, in honor of the lady who called Laura's cell phone at all hours of the night (2am!!) thinking she was "Bob" and demanding cigarettes.
A peek at some of the treasures I came home with!
I wound up with over 40 sewing patterns, all from the 1940's-late 1950's (and one is an ADORABLE circle skirt with a poodle applique ;)
Hats!  All total, I believe I wound up with 14.
Jewels :)  (The peacocks, apple and ladybug are staying with me!)
Loved this little hat box!  There's also a Vera scarf in there (and I found a Vera skirt) some millinery supplies and two pretty little fur collars.
Saved my favorite for last!  The lady who sold me these said they are NOS 1930's gloves.  Aren't they beautiful??  I just finished washing them and am deciding which ones to post (and what pair to keep ;)

Hugs and Smooches,

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  1. It sounds like you all had a blast! How often does this happen and where exactly is it. I could see planning a long weekend for something like this!

  2. Oh my, some really great finds! I can't wait to see some of those vintage patterns - very hard to come by. And those gloves are darling. From your previous hat post, I gather you are quite the hat person, so I can't wait to see which of these you keep.

  3. From the looks of it you had fun... mud and all! I had to laugh because my sister has a reproduction gumball machine in her kitchen that dispenses M&M's! LOL Love all of the hats and those NOS gloves... how cool! I do have to agree with you about Elvis... he is just creepy!

  4. You found great stuff and everything I've been looking for- gloves, hats and fur scarves/ wraps! Please let me know if you list them for sale, love them! :)

  5. Thanks ladies, I did have a fantastic time (and Bre, I will definitely let you know!)

    Chris, this is the link to the Brimfield website. It runs in May, July and Sept. I've been in July and Sept and can't decide yet which month is better. July is the busiest month for the market (but BRUTALLY hot to walk around outside in fields all day) and Sept. is a bit more comfortable, though it can be a bit muddy depending on the weather.

  6. Wow, those gloves all look AMAZING! What a great find!

  7. I've always wanted to "do" Brimfield, but it is so darned far away from North Carolina! Rats!

  8. It's worth the road trip if you ever get the chance ;) And if you come earlier in the week, there's also a vintage textiles market! *Swoon*


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