Wednesday, January 5, 2011


My wee mum purchased me a fabulous "how to" book on retro hairstyles for Christmas and I've been having so much fun with it!  I love the "done" look and how much more put together it makes me feel. 

Here it is:

and here's the link:

While I was putting my hair up in pincurls for bed the other evening, I started thinking about the evolution of my style and how, more recently, I've begun embracing a retro look to go with my vintage garments.  It feels so comfortable and "me"!  The truth is, I've always had an affinity for retro looks.  As a kid, I wore Polly Flinders dresses with smocking to school when everyone else was wearing jeans.  As a teen, I worked a little harder at fitting in, but still had a preference for skirts, dresses and "tendrils" of curls around my face (which made me feel very "Anne of Green Gables"-ish).  In my twenties, I tried to tone it down and work a more conservative look.  After all, I was a career woman, with a job, a husband and a kid, right?  I can honestly say, I have never been more uncomfortable than when I was wearing a blazer and pants.  Blech.  Truthfully, I'm sure a bit of my flamboyance still shone through, even when I was working hard to supress it.

So far, though, thirty seems to be the magic decade.  I feel comfortable in my own skin, less concerned with the opinions of others (not that I concerned myself much with them before now, I just feel less inclined to pretend that I do!) and more myself than ever.  I'm really looking forward to further developing my personal style and hope that the future decades treat me as well!
Me with my fancy pompador :)


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