Wednesday, March 6, 2013

TLC for a Fair Complexion

Getting ready for the day!

Well friends, here I am in all my un-retouched glory.  I thought today I might share with you some of the things I (obsess over) use to take care of my complexion.

It's no secret that I am very fair.  I've spent most of my adult life protecting my skin from the sun, and I've learned that it has two settings..burnt and pale.  I prefer the latter, and it just so happens that it suits my love of vintage style ;)

For the most part, my skin has always been pretty cooperative, but I find now, as I'm in my late 30's, it's reached a point where it can become very dry if I don't take care of it.  So here is the system I'm currently using.


  • After that, I apply concealer where needed and my make-up for the day!

  • Lately, for reasons I cannot quite figure out, I have been breaking out a little around my forhead and nose (SO unfair!  I'm not a teenager anymore, after all!)  So my evening routine currently consists of using all the products in Murad's Acne Complex Kit.  Technically, you're supposed to use it morning and evening, but I've found that while it does a wonder at keeping my skin nice and clear, it is VERY drying if I use it more than once a day.

 Once a week, just to combat the drying, I also use a  moisturizing mask like Burts Bees Intense Hydration Mask.

And that's it! 

I also have my very first appointment with a dermatologist next week to get a baseline for any skin cancer concerns (always a worry for fair skinned gals!) and to have them take a look at that pesky break out issue I mentioned earlier to make certain it's not an allergy related issue.

Do you have any favorite skin care products?  Do you use foundation (I typically avoid it in favor of BB creams because I find it too heavy, but I'd love to hear your input..especially if you have a good recommendation for fair skin!)

Hugs and Smooches,


  1. Good for you! I find that very few women take care of their skin properly. I've been taking care of my face since I was 10. I started of using Pond's and a thick cream at night. Later as a teenager I began using Avon Anew and that stuff was amazing. It removed a lot of my scars and evened my skin town. Once I got into my 20's I began using Aveeno. My skin was changing (again) and Aveeno works great. I use their Positively radiant moisturizer and sometimes a night cream. It leaves my skin all silky and moist.

    1. My daughter LOVES Aveeno products. Unfortunately, I can't use them because of my soy allergy, but they work wonders for her!


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