Friday, February 15, 2013

Create 365 - Free Heart Warmers Wristwarmer Knitting Pattern

After my first excursion into fair isle knitting with the tardis wristwarmer project, I decided to try my hand at writing my own, without further ado..

Heart Warmers - Hugs and Kisses Wristwarmers

1 skein red heart super saver yarn (or other medium weight yarn) in each of the following colors - Red, White, Black

1 pair of US size 3 knitting needles

  • Cast on 48 stitches
  • Begin double rib row (k2, p2)
  • Repeat 13 more times for a total of 14 rows.
  • Knit even next 3 rows
  • Purl row
  • Knit Row
  • Purl Row
  • knit 7 stitches, begin chart.  (Chart should be done in stockinette stitch with 7 stitches before and after chart on each row.)
  • Complete one row of (k1, p1) alternating white and black.
  • Complete second row of (p1, k1) alternating white and black
  • Cast off in (k1, p1). 
  • Finish, weave in ends.
  • Fold over wristwarmer so the wrong side is facing out and match both edges together.  Figure out where you want your thumb hole to be.  Pin on either side of thumb hole.  
  • Sew from bottom up to the start of the thumb hole, then from the end of the thumb hole to the top of the wristwarmer.
  • Turn inside out, and your wristwarmers are complete!

Here are a few resources for fair isle knitting, cast on and cast off.

This is my first attempt at pattern writing, so please comment or email if anything is unclear and I'll be happy to answer your questions.  Please feel free to share a picture on our facebook page if you decide to make these!

Hugs and Smooches,

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  1. Great job on the pattern. I may try this pattern once I get off of my knitting lace binge.


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