Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Beacon - Everyday Heroes

My original intent behind creating this series of posts was to focus on the good in the world and in my life, to remind me of all the things I have to be grateful for, and as a tool to help me keep my anxiety in check.  When I first thought of including "everyday heroes" in this feature, one person in particular was at the top of my list.  My husband, Brandon (aka, The Man).

Now, while he deserves sainthood simply for calmly dealing with my anxiety and eccentricity (thanks, love!), that's not why he makes the cut.

Brandon and his father at his military graduation

He has spent his entire adult life in the service of others.  Fresh out of high school, he joined the air force, where he served for 5 years as a military police officer.

Shortly after the 9/11 attack, he left the military so we could move home and raise our family.  This was only one of many choices he made to put his family first.  Over the years, he has continued to not only make the choices that make him a wonderful partner, but an amazing Dad.  He got a job working as a police officer and took the night shift so one of us would always be home with our girls.  He picks them up at school every day, takes them to games and practices, chaperones school dances and genuinely enjoys their company.

Brandon and our eldest, Shannon, at Disney
With Riley, our youngest, on a carnival ride
He has spent the last 10 years working as a police officer.  He sees things and makes choices that I could never imagine being able to handle, and he does it with compassion, integrity and a strong sense of justice. 

It is for all of these reasons, and countless others, that I have chosen him as an everyday hero.

Hugs and Smooches,


  1. Brandon sounds like a wonderful father and partner.


  2. What a truly exemplary man - a real gem and one to be treasured forever <3

  3. Best BEACON ever!!! I love this.

  4. Thank you, ladies :) He's a keeper ;)

  5. In a world sadly in need of strong, good, kind, compassionate men, this just warms my heart <3 Awesome!

  6. Fathers are so very important in a child's life. Though my father is no longer with me, I think about him every single day. I hope you are blessed with years and years together!


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