Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Red Carpet Camoflage

I don't watch the Golden Globes (although I heard Tina Fey was marvelous).  I usually find them tedious and wait till the following day to catch up on the red carpet pictures.

When I think red carpet, I think creative, artists, expressive style..what I got was a huge yawn.  *YAWN*

There is such a fear of making a "worst dressed list" that celebrities are no longer willing to take a fashion risk...the result is this

Lovely women..Lovely dresses..BORING.  Variations on this theme were all over the red carpet..lots of black dresses, several "nude and lace" versions.  Where's the originality??

Even those who were considered "worst" dressed were pretty tame..Like this dress worn by Jessica Chastain

 Sure, it's not the best fit, but it's really not that remarkably different from the "best" dressed list..

What happened to the style innovators?  Where are the risk takers?!  Style has become so watered down that I despair for the "vintage" we're leaving for future generations.

If I had one wish for next year's red carpet, it would be that someone (anyone!) would throw caution to the wind and show up on something refreshingly different and fun.  Here are a few of my suggestions..

Schiaparelli Lobster Dress?  Bet nobody else would have one..

If lobster isn't your thing..how about this gorgeous 50's evening dress from Dior?

With a tiara of course

..and why not make an entrance with a remarkable statement piece like this Chanel cape?

The gauntlet has been thrown, people..(Jennifer Lopez, are you reading this?)  Next year I want to see lobsters..

Hugs and Smooches,


  1. I LOVE this! the red carpet needs to get Bjorkified!

  2. Even Helena Bonham Carter just wore black. I usually look for her but she wasn't so crazy this year. I would wear that red Chanel cape EVERY DAY :)


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