Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Name the ConstantlyAlice Newsletter!

I have recently embarked on a new adventure..a newsletter!  It will be a monthly compilation of the best of ConstantlyAlice blog posts, shop updates and sales, style suggestions, gift ideas, tutorials, reviews and a "Go Ask Alice" feature where YOU can write in and ask me anything :)

I'm planning the first holiday issue to be released next month..However...I am stuck on a name!  I want it to be cohesive with the shop and the ConstantlyAlice brand, but something fun and catchy..so I'm asking you, my darling readers, to offer up your suggestions!  The winner will be announced in the first newsletter and will receive a ConstantlyAlice brooch as a thank you.  Just leave your suggestion in the comments below, on our facebook page, or tweet it to @ConstantlyAlice!

To sign up for the newsletter, just take a peek at the top of this page, right underneath the ConstantlyAlice header and add your email address to the list!

Looking forward to your suggestions <3
 Hugs and Smooches,

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