Monday, June 4, 2012

The "Not an Outfit Post" aka "I Vant to be Left Alone"

Today I woke up in a very Greta Garbo-esque funk.  I did NOT want to go out into public and mingle with the other humans.  My heart was longing to stay at home with some good music, a cup of tea and a big, giant, enormous pile of projects to work on.  (In fact, I have some lovely watercolor paper stretching on my craft table right now just waiting for me to get started!)

Some days (like today) I crave solitude so I can let my mind go and I get SO frustrated when a half formed idea is interrupted by my regular day to day.  Anybody else ever feel like this?  What do you do to feel better?

(In lieu of the outfit post, here is a picture of the Steampunk inspired necklace I created.)
Hugs and Smooches,


  1. Ooh yeah. I know that feeling. I usually have a mental health day at home if it's not too soon since my last one. Otherwise I create a f*ck-off vibe so I'm left alone at work, and hide in my teacup. xx


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