Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pin up Plan - Art of Seduction - The Ideal

"The Ideal reflects one's fantasy.  They are an artist in creating the illusion you require.  In a world of disenchantment and baseness, there is a limitless seductive power in following the path of the Ideal." - The Art of Seduction

Madame du Pompadour

Famous Ideals:
  • Madame du Pompadour
  • Tullia d'Aragona
  • John F. Kennedy
  • Cassanova
Tullia d'Aragona

Keys to the Character:
  • The ability to observe
  • Combination of sensuality and innocence
  • The ability to stroke people's vanity
  • Stir up good feelings and a positive response
Symbol - The Portrait Painter:  Causes other's physical imperfections to disappear.  Brings out noble qualities, immortalizes.

Pin up Style:

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