Thursday, March 22, 2012

Home Ec Post - Chez Moi, Part 1

The weather this week has been BEAUTIFUL!  Whenever spring arrives, the first thing I want to do is throw open my windows and let the fresh air in..and of course start my spring cleaning.

Going through some of my treasured items and giving them a good washing and dusting made me think that it might be fun to do a few home ec posts to share my home and how I decorate it with you!

My decorating philosophy can be summed up in 3 words.  Whimsical, Colorful and Cozy.  I feel like a home should be a refuge.  It should be welcoming, friendly and relaxing, a joyful place to spend time.  Some of the things I do to make my house a "home" are:
  • Paint - I use copious amounts of paint.  I paint the walls, I paint the ceilings, I paint murals, furniture and frames.  Acrylic, latex, spray paint.  Doesn't matter.  When the spirit moves me, I throw on my overalls and have at it.  Paint is an excellent way of changing the look of something without spending a lot of $$.
  • Color - Color has such an impact on the feeling of a room.  Cool colors like blues and greens make a room seem serene, vibrant yellows and bright whites are cheerful, warm creams, reds and oranges are cozy and inviting.  Play with color swatches until you find the ones that feel right for you!
  • Collections - I like little displays of "like" items.  It says something about who you are and it provides a little visual interest.  Some things I like to collect are teapots, salt and pepper shakers and (of course) hats!
Here are some of the parts of my home that I love..more to come in the next post!

My favorite Wedgewood teacup makes drinking tea an "event" ;)
I love vintage suitcases as storage.  They make such a pretty display!  (These are FULL of fabric ;)
I use multiple colors in my kitchen, but they all tie in together.
A close up of my favorite salt and pepper shakers.  They always make me laugh :)
I found the "Great American Nut Machine" at a thrift store and couldn't pass it by..though it usually houses M&M's
My bathroom walls are an ever growing mural of birds.  I add a little more each year!
Little groupings and details make all the difference.
In keeping with the bird theme, a bird house holds my toiletries
Petunia the flying pig
My books are my pride and joy..this only represents a small number of them.  They are stacked, piled and displayed everywhere.  My favorite collection ;)
Fireplace mantle..and more birds ;)

Hugs and Smooches,

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  1. I adore your flying pig!!!And the rest of your house is pretty amazing too!!!


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