Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Drama Queen

That's me..Drama Queen Danielle and my brother, Satan.

True story. I have a *touch* of Drama Queen in me. Ok, maybe it's more like a *dash* of Drama Queen..

Sarah, the ultimate Drama Queen

As a child, my father nicknamed me "Sarah Heartburn" (a play on the name of one of my all time favorite "drama queens" Sarah Bernhardt) because I would do things like put myself in the corner and tell anyone who spoke to me that I wanted to be "left alone because I'm ALREADY in a mood." I know..very Greta Garbo.
Greta "I vant to be left alone" Garbo

Flash forward several years..the "moods" are still there on occasion, but as an adult, I reallllyyy can't just put myself in a corner and tell everyone to go away. So, on days like today when the Drama Queen pays a visit, these are the techniques I use to send her packing:

  • I give in.. to the point of being totally ridiculous.  For example, this morning, I threw myself down dramatically on the bed and told The Man he would need to call me in "dead" to work this morning because I couldn't possibly go on (made all the more effective by the fact I was wearing one of my granny nighties and knee socks with little foxes all over them.)  The more ridiculous I become, the more I realize that it is not, in fact, the end of the world.
  • ..and speaking of ridiculous.  A good laugh cures whatever ails me.  I watch something funny, spend a few minutes trolling Pinterest for foolish pictures or have my kids tell me jokes until I can't take it anymore.
  • Ice cream.  'Nuff said.
  • I spend a few minutes thinking about all the things in my life that make me happy. 

So that's my confession for today.  How about you?  Do YOU have an inner Drama Queen?  And how do you deal with her?

Hugs and Smooches,


  1. CHOCOLATE! But just a bit because I'm allergic, if that doesn't work I go to dear ol Mom, she understand what I am saying (BF doesn't understand the very coded language I grew up with ie: do the dishes means clean the WHOLE kitchen, not just the dishes) Then there is a good movie with a good cry. Or like you just notice you are being a drama queen say it out loud and the bring it down a bit, which is still and 11 on most peoples scales. Reign on sister!

    1. Excellent remedies! When all else fails, Mom is always my "go to" remedy ;-)


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