Monday, December 12, 2011

Style It - The Golden 50's Hostess Shoe

Today's Style It features an adorable pair of golden hostess shoes from the shop.  I fell in love with these shoes (mainly because they remind me of my favorite Disney Princess, Belle ;) but also because they're such perfect party shoes!

Look number one would be great for a black tie holiday event.  The gorgeous Dita exemplifies the perfect hair and make up for this look, and just look at how cozy and luxurious that coat is!

Untitled #26

Untitled #26 by constantlyalice featuring black cocktail dresses

Look number two is a little more playful and colorful.  Great for a fun party with friends (especially if you're the hostess..they are hostess shoes after all!)

Hostess Shoe - Fun

Take a look at Belle's footwear here..pretty close, right?
How would you style the golden hostess shoe?

Hugs and Smooches,


  1. I love Belle and I love these outfits you have put together -but I don't know if I would wear yellow shoes. I tend to stick with boring neutrals - I totally need to change that.

  2. Red is a good place to start! It goes with so many things, it's almost a neutral ;)

  3. I don't know if I'd get around to wearing them. I think I'd just stare at them in adoration for a while

    -LAURA xx

  4. I would style those with high waisted tap shorts in the same color and a white peter pan collar blouse. Plus pin-up hair and Chanel red lipstick!



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