Monday, November 21, 2011

Style It - Chessie the Cat Scarf

Today's style it features a great gift idea, The Chessie the Cat Scarf. It comes with an adorable story (Chessie was part of a promotion by the Chesapeake Railway) and it's so versatile!  Here is a great link on multiple different ways to tie a scarf (I've shared it on my facebook page as well, but it's so great, I'll share it twice!)

The first look is so cute for a weekend shopping trip! Tie the scarf around your head headband style with a messy bun, or in a bow around your neck.

Chessie Scarf - Weekend Shopping Trip

Chessie Scarf - Weekend Shopping Trip by constantlyalice featuring a bangle bracelet

The second look would be adorable for a family holiday party!  Just tie the scarf around your ponytail 50's style and wear a pretty full skirted dress :)

Chessie the Cat - Party Dress

Chessie the Cat - Party Dress by constantlyalice featuring puffy dresses

How would you style the Chessie the Cat scarf?

Hugs and Smooches,


  1. Cute story on Chessie! I admit that I don't wear scarves often, I have one that I sometimes tie around my neck, but that's about it. Your style posts are cute - have you ever thought about doing an outfit post in addition to these types of posts? (I always get a better visual that way).

  2. I have considered it! Maybe someday when I can coax The Man into being my photographer ;)

  3. I love Chessie. So glad she's going to a good home!


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