Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Love Story

This is a picture of my hubby and I about 14 years ago, shortly before we were married.

The Man and I circa 1998
Later that year on 11/30/98 we eloped and moved to England together where we spent the first 3 years of our marriage.  Brandon was in the USAF at the time and we lived on a little sheep farm in Feltwell, UK.

The Man and his MWD "War"
While we were terribly homesick, some of my fondest memories are of our first home together, our first Christmas tree, window shopping in London, visits from our loved ones and, of course, the birth of our oldest daughter, Shannon.

Me with a brand new Shann in front of Ely Cathedral - 1999

Chilli Cook-Off on Mildenhall AFB with Shann

The Man and Little Shann

On a Visit to Uncle Jason in Germany

Sometimes Mommy got bored...don't judge me..
After moving back to the US, Brandon and I bought our first house (in my home town!) and shortly after, our second daughter Riley arrived.

My girl Ry..she eats her chocolate like her Mama ;)

Blowin' Bubbles

Game Faces


Birthday breakfast cupcake!
The last 13 years have been the most joyful of my life. I love our little family, love being a Mom and love knowing that with every year that passes, I find something new to love about that man o' mine ;)

The Man and The Shann

The Man and Ry

Piggy back :)

Sisters <3

Shark Attack!

Fancy Moo-staches

Me and My Man <3
Hugs and Smooches,


  1. Congrats on your anniversary! That's a long time to be with someone, I admire you!

  2. Beautiful! What a lovely family the two of you have created.


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