Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Style It - The Yellow Bee Skirt

I loved this 70's applique bumble bee skirt from the second I saw it.  The colors are fantastic and it's so much fun!  And while it doesn't appear to be a versatile piece, it's all in the styling.

The first option is a neutral one.  You could even tone down the sweater (which is the one I used in the listing to bring out the yellow colors in the skirt) and pair it with a white t-shirt instead.

Bumble Bee Skirt - Neutral Accents

Jofama khaki jacket
$169 - coggles.com

Supertrash suede ankle booties
€150 - welikefashion.com

Dior 3 Colors Smokey Eyeshadow
$48 - bloomingdales.com

The second option punches up the playfulness of the skirt by mixing patterns in the same tone.  The scarf would look great tied headband style in your hair.  Only the bold need apply!

The Bee Skirt - Bold

Belstaff boots
$735 - net-a-porter.com

Amrita singh jewelry
$175 - amritasingh.com

Emilio Pucci silk shawl
£215 - harrods.com

Gap Cable Knit Sweater Coat
$45 - gap.com

How would you style the bee skirt?

Hugs and Smooches,

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