Thursday, January 13, 2011

Think Spring!

In an effort to tackle some of the goals for the new year that I mentioned in my previous blog post, I will be using the long weekend to my best advantage by working on some of the spring dress projects I have lined up.

Here are some of my ideas:

I plan to use this Vogue pattern and this fabric.  The best part about the fabric is that it's double sided, one is a matte finish and the other is a shiny satin.  I'll be doing the bulk of the dress in the matte, but the front panel that wraps the waist and goes to the hemline will be in the shiny fabric to add a little visual interest.
Crepe back satin - Joann Fabric

Vintage Vogue - V2354
 My other two projects are fun casual dresses.  I found this Butterick pattern and it just begged to be made into something kitchy, so I'm using the coffee cup print below.  I also would like to make it out of the vintage sewing fabric, but I only have two yards and the pattern calls for 3 7/8.  I may order the additional two yards online, or I may make a craft apron out of the 2 yds I have to hold all my sewing accoutrements so I don't have to go searching under yards of fabric for them while I'm creating :)

Butterick B5315

Debbie Mumm - Just Java Java - Joann Fabric

Vintage Sewing - Joann Fabric

I have a bunch of knitting projects in the works as well.  A vintage bonnet style hood that ties under the chin with a big satin bow, a bag I'm knitting from a pattern out of a knitting magazine published in 1956 that I found at a thrift store and a cardigan.  I'll post pictures and pattern information from those in a separate post.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


My wee mum purchased me a fabulous "how to" book on retro hairstyles for Christmas and I've been having so much fun with it!  I love the "done" look and how much more put together it makes me feel. 

Here it is:

and here's the link:

While I was putting my hair up in pincurls for bed the other evening, I started thinking about the evolution of my style and how, more recently, I've begun embracing a retro look to go with my vintage garments.  It feels so comfortable and "me"!  The truth is, I've always had an affinity for retro looks.  As a kid, I wore Polly Flinders dresses with smocking to school when everyone else was wearing jeans.  As a teen, I worked a little harder at fitting in, but still had a preference for skirts, dresses and "tendrils" of curls around my face (which made me feel very "Anne of Green Gables"-ish).  In my twenties, I tried to tone it down and work a more conservative look.  After all, I was a career woman, with a job, a husband and a kid, right?  I can honestly say, I have never been more uncomfortable than when I was wearing a blazer and pants.  Blech.  Truthfully, I'm sure a bit of my flamboyance still shone through, even when I was working hard to supress it.

So far, though, thirty seems to be the magic decade.  I feel comfortable in my own skin, less concerned with the opinions of others (not that I concerned myself much with them before now, I just feel less inclined to pretend that I do!) and more myself than ever.  I'm really looking forward to further developing my personal style and hope that the future decades treat me as well!
Me with my fancy pompador :)


Monday, January 3, 2011

Resolution Shmezolution

I don't like resolutions.  They are too quickly made and too quickly forgotten.  Instead, because I am a New Years baby, I like to look at each new year as a birthday gift.  365 more days full of potential, a whole new year in which to learn, grow and play!

In lieu of resolutions, I make a rough outline of things I'd like to accomplish in the coming year.  Some of them are frivolous, some are chunks of larger goals and some are an ongoing process of development.

Here are a few for 2011:
  • Take better care of my health - I turned 36 on 1/1.  While far from being old, I'm now old enough to start noticing that I'm not invincible.  Things that I would typically take for granted in my teens and twenties have become a bit harder (flexibility, being able to eat what I want without gaining weight, sleeping 3-4 hours a night and then working a 10 hour day..)  I've always felt young, I don't typically consider my age when making decisions and I'd like to keep it that way.  So to that end, I plan to make an appointment with my doc for a check up (which I haven't done in, ummm, 7 years or so..yes, really), make a more concerted effort to get out an move and be more concious of the food I use to fuel my body.
  • Make a list of knitting and sewing projects I've been "meaning to get to" - I hoard fabric.  I have yards and yards of beautiful stuff sitting around my sewing room, along with stacks of sketches, vintage patterns, and skeins and skeins of yarn.  Each item is an unrealized vision, creativity that I've put on the back burner for "someday".  Well, someday will be coming often this year, because I plan to catalog all my craft items and make a list of projects.  I will work my way down the list, not beginning the next project or purchasing items for a new one until I've accomplished the one that's in progress.  Hopefully, by the end of the year, I will have a new wardrobe to show for it!
  • Learn a new skill..or two - There are a host of things I want to learn.  Embroidery, piano, to be a better cook, tatting, pattern design..I could go on for days.  I plan to pick one or two subjects and spend a few hours each Friday researching them or taking lessons.
  • Become more focused on posting items in my shop and being consistent with updating this blog - I talk big.  I dream bigger.  However, when it comes to putting things into action, I procrastinate like crazy.  I don't know what I'm waiting for, but tomorrow never seems to arrive.  So I am going to put more structure and dicipline around my business so that I can finally get it up and running.  I'll never know if it will be a success until I start putting some energy into it.
So that's the short about you?  What types of things would you like to accomplish in 2011?

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